FIS Global Company Review

The financial technology sector has witnessed many key players who have substantially influenced the trajectory of banking and financial solutions. One such dominant entity in this sphere is FIS Global. Boasting an expansive suite of offerings ranging from banking to merchant solutions, FIS Global has built a legacy over the years. This review seeks to provide an insightful look into the company, its products, and its positioning in the fintech industry.

Company Background

FIS Global, or simply FIS, stands for Fidelity National Information Services. Founded in 1968, the company has its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. FIS embarked on its journey with a focus on financial processing. Over the decades, through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, including the noteworthy acquisition of Worldpay in 2019, FIS has expanded its horizons to provide comprehensive financial solutions and services worldwide.

Services Offered

  1. Banking Solutions: Comprehensive banking and wealth management solutions designed to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences.
  2. Merchant Solutions: Offering payment processing and services for businesses, aiding in seamless and secure transactions.
  3. Capital Market Solutions: Catering to trading, risk management, and securities for businesses involved in the capital market.
  4. Corporate Liquidity and Bank Treasury: Solutions tailored for managing liquidity and optimizing cash and financial risks.


  1. Diverse Offerings: FIS’s broad range of services caters to various sectors within the financial industry.
  2. Global Presence: With operations in over 130 countries, FIS’s reach is truly global, making it a top choice for multinational corporations.
  3. Innovation-driven: FIS is known for its continuous innovation, frequently rolling out new solutions and updates to stay ahead in the fintech space.
  4. Secure Operations: Prioritizing security, FIS provides a robust infrastructure ensuring secure financial transactions.


  1. Complex Solutions: Given its comprehensive suite of services, some users might find certain solutions a bit intricate, especially without proper training.
  2. Customer Support: While they offer vast resources, some users have reported mixed experiences regarding response times and resolution efficiency.
  3. Pricing: Depending on the solutions, some businesses might find the pricing on the higher side.

Competitive Landscape

FIS Global competes with other major players in the fintech space like Fiserv, Square, and Adyen. Its comprehensive offerings give it an edge for businesses looking for an all-encompassing financial solutions partner. While companies like Square cater more to merchant solutions, FIS’s strength lies in its diverse suite covering banking, merchants, capital markets, and more.


With over half a century in the financial technology space, FIS Global has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. Its commitment to innovation, security, and a global approach ensures its continued prominence in the industry. For businesses seeking robust and diversified financial solutions, FIS remains a top contender. However, as with all significant decisions, it’s crucial for potential clients to assess their specific needs, financial capabilities, and desired support level before making a choice.

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